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Top best vibrators in action

Vibrator selection criteria


Choosing a vibrator first of all decide what type of vibrator you need, that is, for what kind of stimulation:

  • vaginal
  • G point
  • clitoral
  • combined

Vibrator size

If this is your initial experience in using a vibrator, then we recommend to pay attention to standard sizes - no more than 16 cm in length and 3-3.5 cm in diameter. This is exactly the size of the vibrator that gives you comfortable and maximum realistic sensations.


We recommend you to look at more expensive, but high-quality and absolutely safe sex toys. Such toys contain natural materials and are safe for your health.

Modes and power of the vibrator

Everything is individual, depending on your preferences - you have to experiment. Suppose if you like intense stimulation of the clitoris, then most likely you will choose stronger and more powerful vibrators. The most powerful are vibrating massagers, which have mains power.