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Intimate games and gifts

Unusual gifts from the sex store

You can have a party for a reason or just because you feel like it. Same with presents – people buy them for birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. If you need to buy a special present for a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or close friend – in our store you can buy a fancy present with sexual innuendo. These include amusing and funny stuff and pranks, pheromone perfume. The choice of the present depends on person’s taste and their sense of humour. In any case original gifts from the sex store will be remembered for a long time and will not be trivial.

Sexy gifts

Do you want to make changes to your sexual life but do not know where to begin? Sexy gifts can help you drastically change your sexual relationship with your partner. Any sex toy like vibrator, dildo, anal toys, erotic lingerie etc can be a sexy gift. If you need a chaste but a sexy present, you can buy pheromone perfume, a set of scented oils and other little things which make you feel better and tune you into a sexy mood.