Sex machines

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The cowgirl is a sophisticated, premium riding sex machine that offers the ultimate sexual experienc..

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Extra thick and veiny 6 inch vibrating penis. Sturdy round inflatable chair with handles. Inflation ..

Big Bang Penetrator

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Hands-free fun with up to 150 thrusts per minute!Sex machine with an adjustable stand and two attach..

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The new 40 degree angled, t-shaped braze stabelizing the trusting arm enables excellent stability.An..

Dark Magic Thrusting Bed

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The ultimate sex machine!An inflatable black bed with an extra part that is also inflatable. The ext..

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The ultimate vibrating sex saddle ever.Perfectly, positioned silicone clitoral stimulater.The powerf..

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Erotically, stimulating, thrusting sexmachine. 360 Degree rotation, Powerful strokes can vary from v..

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The Love Rider Sex Machine is extremely quiet it is the most amazing and most comfortable ride you'l..

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Fully adjustable excite sex machine! Operates horizontally and vertically with a long thrusting arm ..

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The My Pleasurer love machine is designed to make all your fantasies come true. With 80 to 300 pumps..

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The complete all-in-one love machine. The perfect incognito travelling companion to take on the road..

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Profound stroking action gives ultimate thrusting pleasure! One touch remote control enables you to ..

Sex Machine

Product code: 2012-1

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The ultimate solo-sex pleasure!Get ready for the sex machine and its intensive thrust stimulation – ..

Louisiana Lounger

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The ultimate sex machine!The Lousiana Lounger provides powerful pleasure whenever you feel like need..

Love Machine

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Sex machine for anal and vaginal masturbation! Different thrust speeds. Electric love machine with v..

Like a Sex machine

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Thrusts! Vibrates! Squirts!Sex machine with two fillable dildos (with included syringe). One dildo p..

Sex machines