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Sex toys

Sex toys add excitement to your sexual life. They bring you new emotions, help tuning into the right mood and facilitate emotional intimacy between the partners.

Sex is an essential part of adult life. We can make it more exciting by using special gear. Sex toys are made to provide people with new emotions. They bring passion back into relationship, make intimacy more desirable and help the partners to fulfil their sexual desires.

As well as facilitating sexual pleasure, most of sex toys have a positive effect on human health too. Our catalogue includes items for exercising pelvic floor muscles, give a prostate massage for treatment and prevention of prostatitis, increase your stamina and help to revive sexual desire. Using sex toys regularly helps to get rid of stress, make you happier and bring back the desire to enjoy sex.

Sex toys store offers:

There are thousands of sex toys for men and women in our catalogue. We offer items from the best manufacturers only. They are all made of high quality, superb materials. In our online store you can buy the following:

  • Vibrators. Sophisticated toys, bringing you pleasure that can be used by couples or sole players. Toy’s shape determines what part of the body can be stimulated.
  • Dildos. These are man-made penises made from different materials. Wide range of shapes and sizes can make any fantasy come true. We offer realistic and exotic, large and small, hard and soft dildoes – all types are available.
  • Anal toys. Those are used to stimulate the rear end. All sorts of items ranging from the anal shower to electrically powered devices that let you enjoy unusual feelings. Plugs, massaging devices, dilators to enjoy anal loving without pain and accidents.
  • Masturbators. These items are made to help men relieve sexual tension. If used regularly they increase stamina and help men feel more confident with partners. Different shape and size masturbators are always available including realistic full-size sex-dolls looking like real women.
  • Erotic lingerie. Sexy and seductive clothing for men and women featuring gorgeous style, soft fabric and unorthodox design. Underwear that can be kept on during sexual intercourse is always in stock. 
  • Roleplay dress. Using special clothing you can easily turn into a fairy tale character or a pornstar in few minutes. You can wear carnival costume to a dress party and in the bedroom. Games when people are playing someone else are saving marriages.
  • BDSM toys. The items are for those who like it rough. Sex merchandise for bondage, flogging, humiliation and submission. Fetish dress made of latex, leather and vinyl.
  • Lubricants. Quality lubricants provide ideal gliding. Lubricants suitable for anal sex, fisting and oral loving.
  • Condoms. Various contraceptives made by well-known manufacturers. Various sizes are always in stock.
  • Erotic gifts. Our sex shop offers gifts too. Saucy merchandise is a great gift for your love partner, but chaste items suit everyone else. We offer tons of useful stuff.

It is easy to buy sex toys from our catalogue: just choose what you like, add to the basked and proceed to checkout. We deliver adult toys to any destination in Europe. No one will know what is inside the box, all purchases are confidential.