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Vacuum pumps for girls

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Product code: 54245-02


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Sensitize your hot spots with the power of stimulating suction. This pretty and petite pump’s cup fi..

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Ffs high intensity pussy pump

Product code: 33333-01


Available in store

For extremely voluptuous labia! The blood flow is stimulated in the intimate area when the vagina su..

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Fröhle - VP004 Vagina Pump Solo Extreme

Product code: 43015-04


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The Fröhle Solo Extreme Vagina Pump provides you with a whole new experience. Using this pump will s..

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Product code: 436-01

16.10€ 24.95€

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Pink clit and nipple stimulator with tickling dots. Total size: 12.5 cm, 2.2 inner diameter. Materia..

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Max Twist Nipple and Clit Suckers

Product code: 39019-04


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Enjoy powerful suction with this triple set of demurely sized suction cylinders. Just apply to any a..

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Nipple & Clit Suckers 3pcs

Product code: 39569-04


Available in store

This set of nipple suckers is made especially to make your nipples look and feel extremely hard! Thi..

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Nipple suckers

Product code: 952-01


Available in store

For erect nipples!Two black nipple suckers with a metal ring. The suckers are put on the nipples and..

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Np009 nipple sucker solid m

Product code: 1323-01

13.25€ 14.96€

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NP009 Nipple Sucker SOLID MStimulating, intensifying and enhancing!Crystal clear suction cup with pu..

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Pleasure pumps nipple suckers purple

Product code: 18726-2


Available in store

A set of high quality nipple suckers from the Pleasure Pumps range by Dream Toys, made of silicone. ..

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Premium range advanced clit pump

Product code: 11165-2


Available in store

Fully waterproof. Powerful suction. Soft nubby ticklers...

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Product code: 47120-02

43.34€ 54.18€

Available in store

Since the introduction of the Romance collection by Dream Toys we enjoyed a wide interest for the to..

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Product code: 54192-02


Available in store

Odessa Auto Pussy Pump, a new dimension of pleasure!Ergonomic design for easy access and switching s..

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Size Matters Nipple Boosters

Product code: 39354-04


Available in store

The Size Matters Nipple Boosters can enlarge and stimulate your nipples. Suction and increased blood..

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Temptasia - Clit Cylinder - 1.2 Inch Diameter - Clear

Product code: 43305-04


Available in store

The Temptasia Clitoral Pump Cylinder is compatible and interchangeable with other Temptasia pumps an..

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Temptasia - Nipple Pumping Cylinders - Set of 2 (1 inch Diameter) - Clear

Product code: 43298-04


Available in store

emptasia Nipple Pumping Cylinders are compatible and interchangeable with other Temptasia pumps and ..

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Temptasia advanced pussy pump system

Product code: 32409-2


Available in store

Love pussy pumping and ready to take it to the next level? The Temptasia - Advanced Pussy Pump Syste..

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Temptasia beginners clitoral pump system

Product code: 32410-2


Available in store

Just beginning to experiment with pumping or already familiar? The Temptasia Beginner Clitoral Pumpi..

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Temptasia clit and nipple twist suckers

Product code: 22651-2


Available in store

Temptasia Clit & Nipple Twist Suckers bring engorgement and heightened sensitivity to your most sens..

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Temptasia clitoris pleasure system

Product code: 32411-2


Available in store

Love clit pumping and ready to take it to the next level? Temptasia Clitoris Pleasure and Enhancemen..

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Temptasia intense pussy pump system

Product code: 32412-2


Available in store

Love pussy pumping and ready to take it to the next level? The Temptasia Intense Pussy Pump System i..

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Temptasia nipple squeeze pump system

Product code: 22634-2


Available in store

The Temptasia Beginners Nipple Pumping System is an exciting way to expand your erotic play. Tease a..

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Vagina cup with intra pump

Product code: 7326-2


Available in store

Accelerates the flow of blood to the vaginal area: creating all the sensations of being excited and ..

2pcs nipple sucker

Product code: 1020-01

18.95€ 19.95€

Available in store

Two individually adjustable nipple suckers which create a strong vacuum. Total length 10 cm, ø 2.8 c..

Bad kitty pussy sucker mini

Product code: 990-01

28.45€ 39.95€

Available in store

Let your labia grow in size!Anatomically formed and transparent sucker for the inner labia. Just pla..

Bad kitty vagina sucker

Product code: 1327-01

25.60€ 39.95€

Available in store

Monster labia! A hot view for HIM, an incredible feeling for HER! Simply press the anatomically shap..

Product code: 2164-01


Available in store

Nipple suckers with vibration!These small transparent suction cups work wonders! You can watch your ..

Busensaugschalen "easy grow"

Product code: 997-01

35.10€ 39.95€

Available in store

You want to have a bigger bust?Here is the solution: Two boob sucking cups secured with an adjustabl..

Clit sucker

Product code: 1007-01

28.45€ 29.95€

Available in store

The amazing clitoris sucker! Vacuum pump for women that provides intense stimulation of the clitoris..

Crystal clear multisucker

Product code: 843-01

13.25€ 24.19€

Available in store

Mind blowing sucking feelings! >>Multi Sucker..

Double double

Product code: 2157-01

40.80€ 42.96€

Available in store

Twice the pleasure! These nipple and clitoral stimulators captivate with tantalising vibrations. The..

Product code: 33373-01


Available in store

For huge labia and tingling feelings! Anatomically-shaped vagina suction cup with a removable vibro-..

Product code: 33489-01


Available in store

Put it on, start pumping, experience hot suction!For the extremely sensitive nipples: nipple suckers..

Product code: 33420-01


Available in store

The all-round pleasure-giver in the luxury version! This 3-in-1 vibrator fulfills every desire: the ..

Product code: 51108-01


Available in store

A multifunctional pleasure-giver!Her Ultimate Pleasure Pro from Fantasy For Her combines a G-spot vi..

Product code: 33419-01


Available in store

Three toys in one for all-round pleasure! This 3-in-1 vibrator fulfills every desire: the slightly c..

Product code: 51089-01


Available in store

Pleasurable suction! The transparent Pleasure Pump vagina suction cup from Fantasy For Her has an ea..

Product code: 51107-01


Available in store

Fully-automatic, stimulating suction power!Rechargeable Pump Kit from Fantasy For Her with 2 transpa..

Product code: 33197-01


Available in store

A powerful suction!These nipple suckers provide extensive stimulation of the nipples! The powerful s..

Product code: 33416-01


Available in store

Powerful suction and spot-on stimulation! Anatomically-shaped vagina suction cup with vibration and ..

Ffs beginners cuppin set 6 pc.

Product code: 33111-01

19.92€ 36.31€

Available in store

For intense foreplay! Cupping is a practice from Chinese medicine and is mainly used to release slig..

Product code: 33334-01


Available in store

For extremely voluptuous labia! The blood flow is stimulated in the intimate area when this pussy pu..

Product code: 33173-01


Available in store

Triple sucking stimulation with vibration! Nipple and clitoris suckers with three vibro-bullets. The..

Product code: 33151-01


Available in store

Put them on, twist them and experience hot sucking feelings! For extremely sensitive nipples. Nipple..

Fifty shades of grey - nipple suckers

Product code: 28471-5

16.10€ 18.69€

Available in store

Enhance after-dark experiences and discover the arousal-boosting intensity of a little subtle suctio..

Product code: 1054-01


Available in store

Sucking pleasure!Just place the nipple sucker onto the nipples, create a strong vacuum by turning th..

Nipple Pump 10-piece Set

Product code: 51295-01

20.85€ 24.95€

Available in store

For long-lasting hard nipples! Two nipple pumps with 8 replacement rings. Just slip one of the rings..

Product code: 614-01


Available in store

Wicked look and arousing feeling!Steep nipples that raise demandingly - this view drives every man m..

Product code: 1624-01


Available in store

Vibrating nipple-sucker for HER & HIMJust put on nipples, squeeze the pneumatic bulb and your nipple..

Product code: 31227-5


Available in store

At OXBALLS, there's few things we love more than seeing a pair of meaty nips straining in a stud's s..

Product code: 28200-5


Available in store

Nipple Suckers are squeezable with flanged base for extra suction. Bulb is designed to provide incre..

The black treasure

Product code: 965-01

28.45€ 33.88€

Available in store

For volumised labia!Press the anatomically shaped suction cup onto your labia and operate the manage..

Product code: 51304-01


Available in store

A vaginal toy that makes your labia swell to a tremendous size. Just place the cup over your vagina ..

Vacuum pumps for girls